Malmö becomes Skånes hub

SweMaint plans to close the workshop at Gåsebäck in central Helsingborg

SweMaint has called for negotiations with the unions over plans to cease operations at the workshop at Gåsebäck in Helsingborg. SweMaint’s intention is to concentrate all resources in the southernmost part of Sweden to Malmö. 16 blue collar and five white collar employees will be affected.

Peter Overup is managing director for SweMaint. He explains the situation:

– Our customers are those who own or use railway freight wagons. The sad but realistic fact is that the freight volumes carried on rail have decreased over the past ten years. At the same time older wagons have been replaced by new ones with less need for maintenance and repair work. The effect is that our and our competitors’ business volumes have been reduced by more than a third in ten years.

– SweMaint is the market leader in this field in Sweden and we have workshops and mobile units covering the whole country, from Malmö in the south to Kiruna in the north. We have all the major owners and operators of rail freight wagons as our customers. We must, all the time, adapt our service to the changing needs in our market. That includes more focus on mobile units, which at the same time lessen the need for traditional workshops. That too is a reason behind todays decision to reduce our workshop capacity.

– Malmö is a better strategic location for a workshop when considering the concentration of the transport volumes between western Europe and central Sweden, that’s why we must take this sad decision about our operations in Helsingborg.

SweMaint plan to close the Helsingborg unit during the first half of 2018. A number of the employees in Helsingborg will be offered positions at other SweMaint locations, mostly in Malmö but also in Gothenburg. Arbetsförmedlingen (The Employment Office) has been noticed about SweMaint’s intentions.

A closure of the workshop in Helsingborg will mean an end to a 100-year-old tradition of waggon maintenance in the old, former SJ-workshops in central Helsingborg.

For further information, please contact Peter Overup, managing director at SweMaint, tel: +46 (0)70 545 87 24 or mail: And visit us at

SweMaint AB is Northern Europe’s leading supplier of maintenance and repair services for wagon owners and other rail freight operators. Our complete range of services includes wheel maintenance, tailored wheel supply programmes and a comprehensive supply of materials, which ensures fast turnaround times.

Our many years of experience – the company has been in business since 1905 – combined with our focus and systematic development of services gives us a unique position and platform to promote rail freight as the strongest and most competitive choice.

The company is based in Gothenburg, boasts sales of approximately SEK 400 million and is home to around 250 employees in 12 workshops at Sweden’s major railway nodes.